White Bear

There are chance occurrences in today’s sales-driven entertainment markets to witness amazingly raw, unbridled talent, the pioneering spirit behind Whitebear may easily serve as a textbook example and has been leaving many listeners speechless with the sophistication of his musical expression, as he progresses into greater and greater depths of electronica.

Whitebear has had the pleasure of playing festivals all around the world including Strawberry Fields (AUS), Total Eclipse Festival 2012 (AUS), Deliverance (AUS), Earth Frequency (AUS), Twisted Frequency (NZ), Envision Festival (Costa Rica), Ometeotl Festival (MEX), Sonic Bloom (USA), Enchanted Forest (USA), Shambhala Music Festival (CAN), Belantara Gathering (MAS) and numerous other club gigs. He has supported and played alongside the likes of Desert Dwellers, Opiuo, Phaeleh, Kalya Scintilla and many more.

Whitebear's sound certainly lives up to the essence of his moniker, conjuring up imagery just as majestic and awe-inspiring as the creature itself, journeying across crystalline terrain, lonely, but never alone.  The songs carry signature elements, a bold, weighty gait, growling basslines and a bristling, intense nature that one does not want to test adversely, all with a very clear element of being completely at home, defending and caring for all that is sacred.  A comprehensive blend of east-meets-west melodies, tribal rhythms, modern synthesis and post Newtonian-physics mathematics, Whitebear songs sing proudly from a wordless, graceful balance point between mind and heart, of all-or-nothing vision quests, demanding every last shred of identity, promising only to stride beside as direction itself becomes a foreign theory.

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